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He chuckled and took a sip of his tea. “Like I said, the face-thief. And at least I won’t get scared off by insanity, aye?”

“Like I said, technically you’re the thief.” She nodded in his direction, “And that’s a good thing. A great goal of mine is to not scare off people around me.” She shrugged and laughed, then raised her cup between them, “To the new year, new people, and Time Lords?” A soft giggle bubbled from her.

"It’s still my face in the mirror," he repeated, grinning, and raised his cup to meet hers. "To the new year, new people, and aliens!"


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    "It doesn’t mean what you want to believe is a fact, though. And are we honestly still discussing who the face, the two...
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    "That’s precisely what I want to believe, as a matter of fact."